In the End you are only person you can rely on ,family and friends don’t matter. You solve your own problems ,get over your own issues and keep your own council .That is the way things should be and the next time you feel like reaching out ,slap yourself hard ,because that’s your stupid heart talking, Your moronic irrelevant need of connection demanding . People don’t help ,they make things worse ,then there was to begin with .It,s not their fault, they just lack the perspective and u cant give ur viewpoint just by talking. So the next time and every other fucking time this happens ,just  keep your drama to yourself .Stop making yourself so vulnerable because in the end you are the only person that can do anything about anything . You alone have the power .So either you can whine all you want , invest urself in false sympathy , talk it out with someone ,get distracted or you just wait things to settle down and sort through the mess yourself .Be Strong.

Update : Sometimes the burden you carry is just too much and too heavy .And you feel suffocated beneath it ,for those special times you need someone to hear you , to understand your side .Even though it wont make a difference.Another perspective helps you get out of your own head .You need another souls presence to fill the void.It makes us weak .It makes us human.