Meta cognition = Thinking about thinking .

  1. Plan Goals .List out what you have to get done and then break everything into bite sized chunks.
  2. Plan Time .Assign the time frame and priorities.
  3. Plan resources . Get everything you need together in one place before you get to work.
  4. Plan process .List out each state in explicit detail and how will you go about it .Visualise the process.
  5. Plan for Distractions .Make commitments ,block out all your weak points esp media.
  6. Plan for failure and possible solutions and Plan B if it happens.
  7. Motivation Officers  Assign duty to your friends and family to check up on you.
  8. Buffer Time .Incase you over jump our deadlines ,already segregate some time for correction for potential mistakes.
  9. MindBlocks are psychological. There is no creative zone where the ideas just flow. Try to put yourself in the right state of mind by reading, watching relevant pieces.
  10. Reward Time Don’t wait .Get it done. Then get your rewards not before .

(i Personal exp)  P.S things always get easier once you get started and in the thick of things .