the concept of finding a person who completes you in every way , who is your better half ,your soulmate or the one that was missing is very noble and sounds beautiful and fairytaile like but just  like magic it does not exist.

Accept that a person cannot be everything. Expecting a person to fulfill your every need ,to fill in the blanks of your life is not fair to them as a person. Nothing is forever . In fact this forever concept is all wrong ,relationships ,friendships,jobs ,school heck even life doesn’t last but everything has their shelf life anything beyond that point is a miracle and should be counted as a blessing .
every encounter is supposed to last for an amount of time ,an unknown amount of time ,after that time if it doesn’t evolve and adapt to the current situations instead of sticking to the past then it breaks off and dooms itself .

Maybe ,just maybe  things aren’t meant to last forever .Life is  made up of short experiences linked together  and if you want to fully explore it and taste whatever it you need to keep your mind and heart open. -Ann