Two faced people ,that’s what you hear. But people are not a shallow pool .Most of them are a kaleidoscope and the others a prism ,you won’t know what light will bring out what in them.
For your parents, you are a daughter/son .
For your siblings ,you are their sister/brother.
For your boss, an employee.
For your teacher you are a student.

You might me a good daughter but a shitty friend Or you can be a top Student ,but a naughty sister .The point is not one person can judge you wholly. For each person you are different ,you play a different role ,a different part in their life .Whatever they say is not what makes you.

So the next time someone says something , that hurts you don’t let it get to your heart .Or if someone praises you , don’t let it get to your head. And don’t judge people on one sole action.