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Rose Pizza Wheel
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This pizza cutter combines a spatula and a pair of scissors, so while you cut the pizza to your liking, you also handle it on the spatula at the same time. (Equalsizes , a chore to clean )

This pizza cutter works as both a rolling pizza cutter to cut your pizza into individual slices as well as a triangle pizza server to serve each slice on a plate. But also the device works as a pair of tongs so you can get a hold of each slice of pizza with a firm girthy grip. (Overall best for the work intended, no messy hands of the server touching your slice. )

The innovative design has a free running roller blade, and ergonomic handle for safe use. And it easily disassembles for cleaning off pizza grease & toppings. (Beautiful design. )

Cut your pizza into bite sized pieces and eat it with the fork .(Nice Idea although not very safe .)