Sam Berns’s philosophy of life goes like this

Don’t beat yourself up with things that ultimately you can’t do ,a fish can’t fly and a bird can’t swim but that doesn’t mean the fish can’t cross oceans (imagine finding Nemo )  ,or the bird can’t fly the fastest speed ever (Imagine Jonathan Livingston Seagull).You can’t be the best at everything ,so find your passion and pursue it .

Surround yourself with people who inspire you and care about you .They should be a positive influence in your life and vice versa .Appreciate your friends and family ,Acknowledge your community and mentors because they are a very real part of your life .

Be in a  forward thinking state of mind .Focus on the best details of life ,for me it’s the next sleepover /house party with friends ,the next book of my favorite author ,the succesful completion of a project I took .Things might be bad right now , but there is always a bright future ahead .Don’t ignore what you feel , let it in and do what you need to ,to get past it .It wouldn’t always be easy

Get to know your fears , invite them to tea ,understand them ,then and only then you would be able to take the first step to conquer it .

Sam Bern’s ambition transcended Progeria , he states that he wanted to change the world , and in true manner of the sense ,he really did. From an entity ,he changed the perspective of Progeria  ,to just a malfunctioning protein .You are a beautiful soul,Sam .Rest in Peace.