depositphotos_13953264-Spooky-Halloween-grave-sketchPrototype to product – Product to market – Market to consumer -Consumer to the end 

From the moment of their prelimenary conception as an Idea till the end of their usability.Products have a great tendency of plunging out of existence .One can even say they have a death wish .

But what is this death wish exactly about ? I believe it’s like  dense labryinth with plethoras of dead ends and it’s upto the designer to navigate this murky water maze.

Any problem that you can think about ,has already been addressed ,there are very less opportunities that haven’t been exploited .Yet very few of these ‘So called solutions ” make it in actual existence or solve the problem for once and for all.  One of the main causes of this is the product somewhere along it’s journey out of the maze drowned. Maybe it was a prototype that never transformed into actual product due to lack of funds or investors or a product that never saw the light of market or a product that was never bought due to whatever reason or bought but never used .

That is the reason the problem is still exists for you to encounter and why th eproduct never made it =’s way into history. This is where the young new talent comes in with fresh pair of eyes giving a new watch angle to the maze .To persevere where others dropped .