Afterlife is such a controversial topic.What happens after we die ? Do we reincarnate as an animal or a person ? Do we transcend the cycle of life and death ? Are we chosen into heaven or condemned to hell ? Or do we become a ghost ?  Each religion has its own answers and theories . There is no proof , no logic just blind belief in whatever that appeals to your conscious.

The most common belief is that our mortal bodies are just entrapment ,vessels of our immortal soul. Now the question arrises What is a soul? How do we know we even know we have one ?

It’s all very confusing and the debate goes on and on. There is no right or wrong answer. There is no answer. This is your only chance , earth is your kingdom.There are no golden stairways or ditches of pitchforks. Either you make it or you don’t .There are no do-overs in another life.

Maybe our last breath is a full stop.The End . The beginning of Oblivion. A black hole. -Ann