There are days when your skin itches and you feel restrained in your  body .You feel lighter than air , longing  for the sky with an intensity that scares you.Every exhale lifts you up. You want to be anywhere ,everywhere at once. Move , move , move just shake the world up. Nothing can touch you are here ,this is your day , your time , your life and you have absolute control .Destiny and fate won’t dare interfere in your mighty plans. Pettiness of the past is very far back and the tensions of the future haven’t arrived. You are in love with everyone that is a part of your life and everything that is a part of you.Your happiness is so real that it becomes a separate entity taking over your surrounding, spilling hope everywhere. Now and Forever blend in the infinity of time.The stars seem to whisper deep secrets of the universe to you. Moon is your best friend. Your chaos is balanced and everything is sorted.