Now I have just started a fitness regime and I carry this Reebok sipper ,that controls the amount I drink ,saving me for stomach ache .So this got me to thinking what others fabulous water bottles are out there ? Water Vessels are one of the earliest inventions ,right there with the wheel and the discovery of fire. So let’s take a look at the bottles of tomorrow.

Hydra Duo Water Bottle by Quirky
Contigo AutoSeal Kangaroo Water Bottle


HydraDuo water bottle offers two drink options . How nice it would be to have glucose or some energy drink along with water when you go out ,gym ,work or any other place.

The Contigo Kangaroo water bottle is so cool ,just imagine you are going to the park in the morning  and your sweatpants don’t have pockets ,where do you keep your emergency money and car keys ?This bottle is a pretty good solution.Just wish there was a smart phone place too.


Asobu Tristan Water Bottle
Memobottle by Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt










Asobu Tristan Fruit Infuser bottle might be the next step towards healthy living .It is elegantly designed lightweight, and it holds a perfect amount of water. The best part ,the fruit can be used to flavor the bottle 4-5 time, as it doesn’t mix.

Memobottle is designed for the work bag , a companion to the books and laptops ,it doesn’t create a round budge .Dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly .This design is just so hipster.

Square Bottle
Clean Bottle The Square 
Beat Bottle
Asobu Beat Bottle









Asobu Beat Silicone Bottle had a gap for an apple smartphone/ipod .So Cool ! I just wish they made a bottle for my phone too.

Clean Bottle’s the Square not only unscrews from both ends for easy cleaning, but its less-traditional sqaure shape prevents the bottle from rolling away when dropped. Now that’s something new. Leads me to the very simple question ,why bottles are cylindrical ?