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Water Bottles

Now I have just started a fitness regime and I carry this Reebok sipper ,that controls the amount I drink ,saving me for stomach ache .So this got me to thinking what others fabulous water bottles are out there ? Water Vessels are one of the earliest inventions ,right there with the wheel and the discovery of fire. So let’s take a look at the bottles of tomorrow.

Hydra Duo Water Bottle by Quirky
Contigo AutoSeal Kangaroo Water Bottle


HydraDuo water bottle offers two drink options . How nice it would be to have glucose or some energy drink along with water when you go out ,gym ,work or any other place.

The Contigo Kangaroo water bottle is so cool ,just imagine you are going to the park in the morning  and your sweatpants don’t have pockets ,where do you keep your emergency money and car keys ?This bottle is a pretty good solution.Just wish there was a smart phone place too.


Asobu Tristan Water Bottle
Memobottle by Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt










Asobu Tristan Fruit Infuser bottle might be the next step towards healthy living .It is elegantly designed lightweight, and it holds a perfect amount of water. The best part ,the fruit can be used to flavor the bottle 4-5 time, as it doesn’t mix.

Memobottle is designed for the work bag , a companion to the books and laptops ,it doesn’t create a round budge .Dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly .This design is just so hipster.

Square Bottle
Clean Bottle The Square 
Beat Bottle
Asobu Beat Bottle









Asobu Beat Silicone Bottle had a gap for an apple smartphone/ipod .So Cool ! I just wish they made a bottle for my phone too.

Clean Bottle’s the Square not only unscrews from both ends for easy cleaning, but its less-traditional sqaure shape prevents the bottle from rolling away when dropped. Now that’s something new. Leads me to the very simple question ,why bottles are cylindrical ?


Wello and Vestergaard


In use
Wello Water Wheel in use


   water-wheelOne of my most favorite social products is Wello’s Water Wheel . This product is so ingenious that I can’t praise enough about it.It such a beautiful design solution to a very common essential problem in rural areas.

It’s affordable ,wello as a company has a business model that helps them bring this innovative product to the people .It’s safe ,made from food grade plastic.Keeps clean water clean.Has a wide cap which makes cleaning it easier.It’s convenient,twice the water in half the time.It’s durable.Made for the rough terrain.It’s ergonomic .Simple design with handle control reduces physical strain .Hand holds allow for better handling while filling + emptying. Any point alone would make this a good product , all of it together make it a great one.In terms of research the design team went above and beyond.Stayed with the village for approximately two years.To get all the relevant information.


LifeStraw in use
Vestergaard LifeStraw in use


718+YoX-0cL._SL1500_Half of the world’s poor are suffering from waterborne diseases. It is a 25 cm long, 29 mm diameter, plastic pipe filter and costs just a few dollars.LifeStraw is a personal, low-cost water purification tool with a life time of 700 litres – approximately one year of water consumption for one person.Each LifeStraw lasts for one person’s annual needs of clean water – a simple straw costing a few dollars will ensure that one at-risk person will not die for a year – now that’s a donation we can all make with a serious kicker!

Now that’s what I call real social designing .This product is creating a real significant difference to the people of Kenya.Has Off! Continue reading “Wello and Vestergaard”

Lota : Epitome of Indian Design

Lota is a small water pitcher ,simple in it’s design ,versatile in it’s use.It’s perfect womanly contours and ease of use , displayes as the most perfect example of form and function .Why is that exactly ? When Charles and Ray Eames came to India on the behest Of Indian Govt ,they were fascinated with this simple albeit a deceptive vessel . This is what they mentioned about it in their report .

Of all the objects we have seen and admired during our visit to India, the Lota, that simple vessel of everyday use, stands out as perhaps the greatest, the most beautiful. The village women have a process which, with the use of tamarind and ash, each day turns this brass into gold. But how would one go about designing a Lota? First one would have to shut out all preconceived ideas on the subject and then begin to consider factor after factor’:

  • The optimum amount of liquid to be fetched, carried, poured and stored in a prescribed set of circumstances.
  • The size and strength and gender of the hands (if hands) that would manipulate it.
  • The way it is to be transported – head, hip, hand, basket or cart.
  • The balance, the center of gravity, when empty, when full, its balance when rotated for pouring.
  • The fluid dynamics of the problem not only when pouring but when filling and cleaning, and under the complicated motions of head carrying – slow and fast.
  • Its sculpture as it fits the palm of the hand, the curve of the hip.
  • Its sculpture as compliment to the rhythmic motion of walking or a static post at the well.
  • The relation of opening to volume in terms of storage uses – and objects other than liquid.
  • The size of the opening and inner contour in terms of cleaning.
  • The texture inside and out in terms of cleaning and feeling.
  • Heat transfer – can it be grasped if the liquid is hot?
  • How pleasant does it feel, eyes closed, eyes open?
  • How pleasant does it sound, when it strikes another vessel, is set down on ground or stone, empty or full – or being poured into?
  • What is the possible material?
  • What is its cost in terms of working?
  • What is its cost in terms of ultimate service?
  • What kind of an investment does the material provide as product, as salvage?
  • How will the material affect the contents, etc., etc.?
  • How will it look as the sun reflects off its surface?
  • How does it feel to possess it, to sell it, to give it ?

Imagine this as the design brief of a 21st century designer ! It’s unblievable to grasp, the specifics boggles the mind. But how the multispectral need of the indian user was fulfilled within the community birthing this product into being.Becoming so ingrained in every activity ,that a scenario without it was hard to Imagine .

Case Studies – Health & Wellness

Copco Bag Cap

Copco Bag Cap 015


Copco Bag Cap  convert any food item bags into air tight containers which is pretty handy when you run out of storage containers or if the food item will finish in a day or two but you want to retain freshness. It replaces rubber bands and twist ties and uncomfortable clips into one smooth experience .Available in beautiful warm palette colors and different sizes(Very Expensive for its use and will make eventual storage haphhazard.)

Pizza Cutters


An innovative product in the field of health & wellness for visually Impaired People.Another remarkable piece in social design.This video takes us through the design journey of a social design project and the challenges faced (capital , market , prototype to product so on and so forth ) and the success achieved when technology is made an active part in making this a better humane world .


What a person can achieve when one person sets his mind is evidenced in this video .It’s hard not to feel motivated after Mr Muruganantham recounts his driven story about how he changed the scene of personal feminine hygiene for impoverished women of India.  He didn’t let obstacles of money or lack of knowledge or  industry setup or his background stop him . He took it all the way .He found alternatives, created jobs , educated people .Hats Off to you Sir !

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