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Why Stop?

“We have so much information and knowledge available to us at our fingertips,just imagine what we could do ,if we decided to use it ?” -Usman Riaz

Usman Riaz from Pakistan tells us his compelling story about how he came to be a musical prodigy .How he created an enviroment to nurture his hunger for more when the circumstances were against him.Why Stop indeed ,when the world is in your hand.


Find Your life Purpose Now !

A really great to the point , true video.I am not gonna list out what happens in the video.You need to experience it for yourself .

Read after seeing the video : Many of you might get blank at the second question or you might hesitate or second guess yourself .Now it doesn’t mean that things are bad  for you.You just need a little focus and redirection.Think of it this way , you are never too late and now you know the question ;answering which will lead to your happiness.

So what do you do ?Please reply below!

Interesting Way of life.

When I was a kid ,I always said that I wanted to be happy when I grow up ,but then I actually did some growing up and realised it isn’t really possible to be happy all the time .That is just not how things work .So I started thinking again and I decided that if not happy ,I would instead happily settle for an interesting life . So I endeavored to always find interesting experiences and interesting things to do .When I was in the moment I had the time of my life but when I was out of it .I was miserable , the happiness was fleeting and the memories weren’t enough.So then I revised my earlier beliefs to rather first be interesting and be interested in the world. Things changed dramatically then . Even boring ,unhappening  times transformed into an another realm , my personal growth was tremendous , my view of life changed for the better. So don’t say you want to be happy , say you want to be interesting .

The Art of Seduction

A brilliant story teller ,painting the story of hindu creation .Listening to our mythologies ,we might not learn much about the actual truth , but there is so much wisdom hidden beneath it if we only look close enough.

So listen ,listen closely ,there are obscure gems to be found here .

Sam Berns’s philosophy of life goes like this

Don’t beat yourself up with things that ultimately you can’t do ,a fish can’t fly and a bird can’t swim but that doesn’t mean the fish can’t cross oceans (imagine finding Nemo )  ,or the bird can’t fly the fastest speed ever (Imagine Jonathan Livingston Seagull).You can’t be the best at everything ,so find your passion and pursue it .

Surround yourself with people who inspire you and care about you .They should be a positive influence in your life and vice versa .Appreciate your friends and family ,Acknowledge your community and mentors because they are a very real part of your life .

Be in a  forward thinking state of mind .Focus on the best details of life ,for me it’s the next sleepover /house party with friends ,the next book of my favorite author ,the succesful completion of a project I took .Things might be bad right now , but there is always a bright future ahead .Don’t ignore what you feel , let it in and do what you need to ,to get past it .It wouldn’t always be easy

Get to know your fears , invite them to tea ,understand them ,then and only then you would be able to take the first step to conquer it .

Sam Bern’s ambition transcended Progeria , he states that he wanted to change the world , and in true manner of the sense ,he really did. From an entity ,he changed the perspective of Progeria  ,to just a malfunctioning protein .You are a beautiful soul,Sam .Rest in Peace.

Meta cognition = Thinking about thinking .

  1. Plan Goals .List out what you have to get done and then break everything into bite sized chunks.
  2. Plan Time .Assign the time frame and priorities.
  3. Plan resources . Get everything you need together in one place before you get to work.
  4. Plan process .List out each state in explicit detail and how will you go about it .Visualise the process.
  5. Plan for Distractions .Make commitments ,block out all your weak points esp media.
  6. Plan for failure and possible solutions and Plan B if it happens.
  7. Motivation Officers  Assign duty to your friends and family to check up on you.
  8. Buffer Time .Incase you over jump our deadlines ,already segregate some time for correction for potential mistakes.
  9. MindBlocks are psychological. There is no creative zone where the ideas just flow. Try to put yourself in the right state of mind by reading, watching relevant pieces.
  10. Reward Time Don’t wait .Get it done. Then get your rewards not before .

(i Personal exp)  P.S things always get easier once you get started and in the thick of things .


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